Private Lessons

(in-person or via Skype):


$40.00/half hour

(half hour lessons are offered to

students through age 13.)


Jazz Improv.--all instruments.

Lessons other than Jazz Improvisation:

Trombone: All bore sizes and styles, all levels.

Tuba: through high school level.

Euphonium: through early college level.

Voice through professional level.

 Free advice through email is available.

Trombonist ALL Styles.             Marcinkiewicz Artist       

Jeff@SlideAdams.com                           615-973-2055
Jeff Adams     

Welcome to SlideAdams.com!

My Go-to Trombone:
Marcinkiewicz M-500 Trombone with Nickel Neckpipe and Leadpipe
Rose brass Tuning Crook and Heavy Bronze Bell

Mouthpiece by Marcinkiewicz: >>>>

Concert Hall exterior with a  7G rim.  All the rest is
7C...I do open the throat with a "C" drill bit though.


My Trombone Collection:
2] YamaConn Franken-horn  .495 bore. 
silver-plated Yamaha with a Conn Coprion Bell
3] Yamaha ysl=682b .547 bore with 45*throw valve

4] Jinbao 383 .525 bore with F-attachment, (excellent copy Yamaha)
5] Yamaha ysl-350c dual bore .500/.525 compact horn w/swappable bells
6] Jinbao 831 Bass Trombone w/extended 2nd valve tubing - i.e. Bb/F/D/B

(excellent copy of Yamaha YSL-831)